10 places in Italy you never thought to visit (but really should)

Want to vacation in Italy in 2017? There are many options very beautiful tourist attractions in Italy. Ranging from the beach, the mountains, the ancient city to honeymoon in Venice. Here is a reference point in the Italian tourist who has not widely known but offers incredible beauty and you are should to visit

1.  Bergamo, Lombardy

Bergamo, Lombardy,Italy

Bergamo, Lombardy – image by IG antocadei

2. Campania, Italy

Campania, Italy

Campania, Italy – image by IG antoninoprinciotta

3. Riomaggiore, Italy

Riomaggiore, Italy

Riomaggiore, Italy – image by IG ilhan1077

4. San Martino di Castrozza 

San Martino di Castrozza,Italy

San Martino di Castrozza -image by IG pierdepe

5. Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy – image by IG sennarelax

6. Vernazza 


Vernazza – image by IG pistonemassimo

7. Castelmezzano 


Castelmezzano – image by IG chiaratommasini

8. Varenna 


Varenna – image by IG enk.romano

9. Li Galli Island 

Li Galli Island,Italy

Li Galli Island – image by IG this.is.maria

10. Levanzo, Sicilia, Italy 

Levanzo, Sicilia, Italy

Levanzo, Sicilia, Italy – image IG dany2986